THE INDELICATES will not be submitting.
THE INDELICATES recognise no gatekeepers.
THE INDELICATES doubt your qualifications.
THE INDELICATES are not seeking representation.

THE INDELICATES rank art below commerce.

THE INDELICATES do not find your luddism charming.
THE INDELICATES find nothing to remark upon in drinks.
THE INDELICATES are immune to the feminine mystique.
THE INDELICATES shun your attentions.

NEW DIY is not an aesthetic
THE INDELICATES are proudly unsignable.


Corporate Records Goes From Awesome To Awesome-r…

Written by simonindelicate on July 12, 2010 – 1:57 am -

In case you didn’t know, when we released Songs For Swinging Lovers, we built a whole pay-what-you-like record company to do so and made it so that anyone else could release on it too. We’re not the only company offering this kind of service (to be needlessly honest) but we are the only ones who [...]

Holy Koresh News, Batman!

Written by simonindelicate on July 1, 2010 – 11:18 pm -

So, a whole bevy of announcements included in this here press release (reproduced as a google doc here) As ever we rely on crowdsourcing for our PR efforts, so anything you can do to spread the release around to the journalist/tastemaker/fashion victim in your life will be rewarded with infinite love… As if that wasn’t [...]