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Julia Indelicate’s Review Of The Year: 2013: PART ONE

What a year! I think me and Simon have made more things this year than in any previous, thanks to the different things we decided to make for the packages of our fourth album Diseases of England. We’d already started crowd-funding (directly through our sites) in October 2012, and released the first tracks from the […]

Diseases of England “PART FOUR” DLC OUT NOW

Because we simply cannot stop MAKING THE ARTS – we are, today, releasing the newest INDELICATES THING. Featuring Four brand new studio recorded songs + ten original Diseases of England Demos, Artwork and a cryptic (not especially) digital poster – this is INDELICATES CANON. It’s like when on those David Bowie albums where you get […]

Diseases of England is OUT NOW

That up there is a new video from it. The album, The fourth LP by The Indelicates, was funded by pre-sales and has been released to backers in three parts over the last six months. It is now available in it’s glorious entirety. You can buy a digital copy from any of the usual outlets, […]

Vinyl Kickstarter – EAT OUR GOAL!!!!

A few days ago we reached our goal on our low-key kickstarter and we will, therefore, be making lovely shiny black records with Diseases of England on. There are still 15 days left to pledge yourself and be first in line to receive one. Why should you still pledge? Well, here is a short list… […]

Preorders ending: feb 4th, 2013

We’ve decided to end the pre order period for Diseases of England – If we don’t have your order for the three part CDs by the end of February 4th, you’ll have to wait until the official release to get hold of a copy. Largely this is because we keep running out of stock that […]

My Top Things By Myself Of The Year

I hate end of year lists – in fact I hate the whole urge to categorize and impose order on the ineluctable chaos of existence. I hate Nick Hornby Books and alphabetisation and boring MAN things that MEN do. I hate that Carly Rae Jetson song and I hate it when people like things because […]

Music for the Holidays, on Corporate Records! Happy Holidays!

There are lots of  seasonal songs on Corporate Records! Here are some to cheer and chuckle to… The English (At Christmas Time) By Father Xmas. Download it here: Kith and Kin (A Christmas Song) by Laurence Owen. Download here: Lily Rae – I Like Christmas. Download here: Jonny Cola & The A-Grades […]

Preorder Diseases Of England Now – Help Us Finish It Whilst Continuing To Eat

The New Indelicates Album is called ‘Diseases Of England’ and it is in THREE parts. Part II (featuring “I Used To Sing”, “Class” and two more tracks) is finished and ready to be sent to the manufacturers. Parts I and III will be recorded in two separate sessions in the upcoming months. In order to […]