A Despatch From The Threatened Country Of Open Wi-Fi

Right then, world, sorry not to have been in touch sooner, but we moved house, went to Germany, recorded a new album and were generally busy. Also, we’re still waiting for the god of the internet to flick a switch somewhere and let us have broadband again – so we’re posting this in Starbucks

…using their wi-fi to briefly glimpse the wired world like the satanic hordes gazing up from the fall into the rapidly retreating magnesium flare of heaven.

Look around! the new indelicates site is live and kicking! sexy and bloggy with the fecund promise of regular updates and CONTENT as exciteable tech-fetishists like to call it. Check back often, subscribe to the RSS and use away, multitudes.

HERE, at long last is the utterly filthy Barely SFW video for Europe:

many thanks to all the unnervingly beautiful extras – tell your parents we are sorry.

most tracking for the third album is done – we are recording a bit more with some extraordinary musicians in Texas, mixing when we get back in October and releasing the fuck out of it soon thereafter. We love this record so much we sit in class drawing pictures of it with little hearts.

proper update on the way when we get the internet at home, but we should take a moment to point you at the Spoiler Alert! EP which has nothing at all to do with Eddie Argos, Dyan Valdes and Keith TOTP, but which IS an awesome collection of songs about superheroes for only 2 quid:

thanks to all who came to our acoustic duo shows in Germany – especially Laura in Dusseldorf who let us play in her garden and pass a hat round – lots of fun. There is video, but you will have to be patient.

Look out for news v. soon. We hit a bit of a financial wall but are working on a solution. keep watching us on twitter @juliaindelicate @simonindelicate @theindelicates for quickest updates.

is amazing

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