Corporate Records Update – August 2010

As company directors, Julia and I deserve your goddamned respect goddamnit: so we assume that you will take these recommendations as they are intended – as orders – and immediately go and pay money to own these hot new slices of boss tuneage that have cropped up on Corporate Records recently.

Incidentally, if you’re in a band or are a singer/songwriter or a not-really-a-singer/songwriter or a guttural-wailer/songwriter or are a performance poet or a reader-out-of-odd-little-stories then we’ll be writing and promoting these roundups on a fairly regular basis – if you think we’d like what you’re doing, please use the site and send us the link somewhere (facebook/twitter/skywriting) and we’ll give it a listen.

So first up, released today is this Song Of The South tinged oddity from Laurence Owen from his six tracked ‘Yarnripper’ E.P.

If that (and indeed almost everything else) is a little too middle of the road for your taste – this offering from The Far Queue is awesome:

Wob has been producing fantastic impassioned anti-folk since long before anyone decided to dress it up in a floaty dress and brand it on the tube. There’s a whole back catalogue to explore on the site, but this – from 1996’s ‘Friends in the Night‘ EP and now reissued on Corporate Records – is as good a place to start as any:

Lastly – and belatedly, as we were too busy promoting ourselves to go on about her when she released it – if you haven’t bought Lily Rae’s album then you really really should because it’s fucking amazing:

Peace out kids. X.

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