Finance and Other Trivialities: Special Editions???

Well here’s the thing:

It turns out that vinyl is quite expensive.

No doubt you knew that already, and we knew it too deep down – but we were still a little bit surprised when the quote came back from the vinyl people and it turned out that, having spent most of the money we made from SFSL on making David Koresh Superstar and basic subsistence, we couldn’t really afford to risk placing the order.

We’ve costed it all out and we reckon that, in order to produce a limited run of 250-300 LPs we need to sell at least 90 of them in advance, either on their own or as part of the special edition package that we’ll get to in a minute.

So if – as many of you have approached us to say that you do – you want vinyl you’re going to have to take a step into the world of trust based economics and work with us on something:

Basically, if you would like to buy Songs For Swinging Lovers on vinyl, we’re going to ask you to pre-order it now.

If we don’t get enough pre-orders by the end of September we will refund all money paid. If we get to 90, we’ll place the order with the pressing company and those who pre-order will get their signed copies (+ a link to a pre-order only bonus track) days after we do.

We appreciate that this is a big ask, but if we don’t do it this way, we can’t do it at all – it is, very literally, up to you.

So – if you’d like to place an order, you have several options, all available at:

1. Signed Vinyl LP only – £18

+ link to pre-order only bonus track

2. Special Edition – £72 (£60 w/out CD)

price will increase to £80 after pre-order period


Signed Vinyl LP

+ Pre-order only bonus track

+ CD copy

+ ‘Antique Lace Under Musee Glass’ – art/poster book

+ Lyric book

+ A signed, limited edition print of one of Julia’s photographs from the DDR radio building where the album was recorded

+ SFSL shrinky-dink necklace

+ A short length of the actual rope we used to hang ourselves on the cover

+ Fudge

Super Special Edition – £300


The Complete Special Edition

+ Simon and Julia will come to anywhere you like (within the UK )on a date of your choosing, play the album for you, record it and then sign a legal document transferring all the rights in the recording to you, thereby creating a limited edition of one.

Obviously, if we fall short of the 90, but a few people are interested in the super special edition, then we’ll probably be able to proceed anyway. Also, the books will be available separately later in the year.

If you want to buy the special edition, but have already purchased the CD, then you can order the CD-less version for £60. This option will not be available after the pre-order period.

We don’t know if this will work, and we’re only vaguely sure of what we’re doing – but it’s been a bit of a year for that sort of thing, and heck if it ain’t gone kinda well so far. Thanks in Advance, and here’s that link again:

Simon and Julia


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