Be Afraid Video Now Online

continuing our “video for every goshdarn song on Songs For Swinging Lovers” campaign, we’repleased to release this latest gem onto an uncaring loveless world. Conceived and directed  by Lily Rae – and featuring the creative use of both a pizza cutter and students – this borders on the NSFW and is sort of disturbing, y’know, in an awesome way…

On the subject of videos, if you are a dab hand with windows movie maker and fancy making a video for any of the SFSL tracks (or anything else) we’d love it if you did. Send us links and we’re pretty much guaranteed to blog it here and, if we *heart* it, we’ll probably send you free signed things too.

Also, please write nc17 fanfic about us, we are sick of being the exception to rule 34. If you do that well, you will definitely get a prize.


  • c says:

    due to not knowing any convenient film… making… people-with-cameras or similar i’m unable to do a video for america though i want to. i have been doing storyboarding in the form of comics for it though and i was wondering if you’d be interested in seeing that? er. since you’re requesting people say if they make videos, i mean…

    basically: hi. i like your music. i did art because of your music. want y/n/DNW/not replying because what kind of person would reply to wandering random comments anyway?

  • We are exactly the kind of people who reply to random comments 🙂

    Wow, yes, we would love to see your storyboards – you can either tweet us a link(@simonindelicate, @theindelicates, @juliaindelicate) or email to if that’s easier.

    Looking forward to having a look,

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