Something Going Down In Waco

right now we’re in Tehuacana Texas, on our way to Austin to record some additional tracks with some incredible musicians for our modesty defyingly awesome masterwork, David Koresh Superstar. Today we went to the site of the Branch Davidian compound – not much to see, but it’s something to feel the hot Texas wind that fanned the flames in 1993 and see the ramshackle little memorial beside the ‘no government trespassers’ sign…


  • Julie says:

    i used to live right outside austin (worked in town though) where are you recording? i have a few musician friends down there who are always looking for someone to jam with. if you need a guide or anything, let me know 😀

    i haven’t been to waco since 97. texas is seriously insane. lol

    Enjoy. and if you’re coming to philadelphia, let me know? sept 26 evan dando from the lemonheads is playing at the north star.

  • Ofir says:

    Hmm. I basically live on Mount Carmel, I never thought it will be associated with something as crazy as the superstar David Koresh.

    Waiting for the album!

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