Splurge #2: Corporate Records Update – Part One of Many…

Like The Vessel in Auntie Mabel, I’m not even going to try to plug all the things I want to right now, and will be back to draw your attention to more CR goodness over the coming weeks, but for now here are  just some of the sparkly bits of awesome lighting up the corporaterecords.co.uk site at the moment:

Funny comes to the site with this 35 minute play from The Oxford Dons:


They’ve only set their recommended price at a pound but you should probably pay more for it because of morality and that.

Glamming up the party with the sort of single that makes you want to put your arm around a man in a jumpsuit and let him pretend to fellate your guitar is this offering from Jonny Cola and the A-Grades.


Having almost precisely the opposite effect, is this from Gokul Salvadi:


And having a different but equally enjoyable effect and New Waving your face off is this from Diefenbaker’s 5 Track ‘Diefenbaker’s Day Off’


Oh yeah, and:

Back soon, my lovers


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