New Stuff Available!

Hello you.

We have new T-Shirts for sale in the shop, they say: Be Afraid of Your Parents and they look like this:

They will be available to buy from us on tour, and are also now up in the General Store:

We have also opened a cafepress store, for these here reasons:

When we make a new product, we tend to order them in bulk to reduce costs – in turn we can then offer them at a lower price to you. However, our ability to make new bulk orders depends on having the funds available to place the order in the first place, consequently, we can’t re-order old designs in bulk. As we’ve had lots of people asking to buy old designs – we’ve set up a store on cafepress where you can buy T-shirts and so on on a pricier, but more flexible, ‘print-on-demand’ basis.

As we were doing that anyway – we have also made some products available that might be considered too ‘niche’ to bulk order 300 of – Pink David Koresh Superstar Iphone 4 Case anyone? yeah? yeah!

We hope this is the kind of thing that will make you happy.

Also, if you would like to request any item or for ANY indelicates related design to be placed on an item and sold to you – we can probably sort that out for you if you email us:

To see the full range of Print-On-Demand Merch, visit our cafepress store here:

(it looks like a pig at the minute because we don’t know if it’s worth paying to upgrade it yet)

Seriously, if you’ve ever thought: wow, that paint tin from the American Demo cover would look amazing on the chest of a novelty Teddy Bear and I for one would be glad to see such an item for sale – then tell us. WE CAN DO THAT.

In addition, you can now buy our poetry book ‘WORDS by SIMON&JULIA Indelicate’ print-on-demand from, here:

Ain’t the internet swell?

Anyway, the point is that you can buy new stuff from us. What could be better, in this time of Jesus inspired consumption, than to order a gift for that special indelicates fan in your life? Or for the special, broadly-indifferent-to-music friend who just might like a little something to point her at us? Or for that guy who hates us who you, in turn, hate and whose name you’ve just pulled from the secret santa?



  • anon says:

    I may be jumping the gun a little bit here, but what about an ‘I AM KORESH’ t-shirt with the DKS logo underneath. Sort of in the same vein as ‘I shot JR’.

  • hmmm, good plan – I think we probably will do that closer to release 🙂

  • hermann says:

    I know it’s already been some time since you released American Demo, but I’ve always wanted a shirt saying “Julia, we don’t live in the 60’s!”

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