To Celebrate The Coming Of Our Ford

In the bleak midwinter, Frosty winds may blow

We’ve only a storage heater, so believe us we should know.

IT IS VERY NEARLY CHRIIIISTMAS, and thus time to huddle with your loved ones against the dying of the light and reflect on its true meaning. A special time when, once, a virgin went to where the ancestor of the dude she wasn’t sleeping with had possibly lived a thousand years previously in order to fill in a census form and – so bored by having to pick from ‘jew’ or ‘polytheist’ in the religion section – decided to have a miraculous sex-free baby (y’know, like Osiris) and start a religion after him for the lulz. What better time, in other words to indulge in consumerism and buy a bunch of awesome STUFF? Like this stuff, for example…

That’s right kids, we now, finally, have VINYL SFSL in stock. If you preordered it, then it’s in the post. If you didn’t because you didn’t trust us – then you can make it up to us by buying one now. You should, because we have to put the price up in the new year if we’re going to cover costs. Seriously, they are very pretty and come in a gorgeous Matte Finish, Gatefold sleeve with enough little details to gaze at that you can just look at them for hours – making them a worthwhile purchase even if you don’t have a record player. What’s more, this your last chance to buy the special edition with all kinds of bundled goodies for the preorder price of £60 w/out CD, £72 with.

Second, we sold a bunch in Germany – but we still have a decent number of Be Afraid Of Your Parents T-Shirts – they are nice and make good undergarments for keeping the cold out, we have discovered.

Third, you can now buy our poetry book ‘Words by…’ direct from lulu – if you missed it last year

Fourth, COMING SOON – we’ll be selling copies of the SFSL lyric book and ‘Antique Lace Under Musée Glass’ a poster and art book featuring concepts, photographs and the song-by-song posters from the back cover of the vinyl individually.

So you’ll have something to spend your christmas money on.

Also, watch out for NEWS v soon about David Koresh Superstar – which I swear is the best fucking album you haven’t heard in existence.

Merry Merry, and Happy Shopping 😉

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