David Koresh Superstar: Coming 2011

OK, so you know how we said that we would be releasing the third Indelicates Record in 2010? Well as you have probably noticed – we haven’t. There are very good reasons for this: for a start, we have been stupidly busy touring, marrying each other, making special editions, coming and playing gigs in your houses, reinventing the record industry and playing Xbox games.

One of the other things we’ve been busy with is spending all the money we made from Songs For Swinging Lovers on making David Koresh Superstar. Initially we thought we’d be able to rush it out so as to say that we’d released two records in 2010 and then swan about implying that all other bands were workshy – and we probably could have done that – but the thing is, on finishing the recording sessions and perfecting the mixes we decided that the record is actually a little bit better than we thought it would be – and we thought it was gonna be pretty amazing anyway. We want to give it the space we think it needs – master it properly, package it as best we can and generally kick it into the world with the best possible start.

We proved in 2010 that you don’t need a record company to be as successful making culty indie albums as you would be with one. This year we want to prove that you don’t need a record company to have a bona fide hit.

So, the kids, we announce the imminence of David Koresh Superstar.

Recorded in London and Austin with a full complement of pedal steel guitars, musical saws and percussive guns, the new record is a concept album telling the story of the Waco siege in a bitter cocktail of rebel country, luau, disco and rock opera. With a cast that includes Carter USM’s Jim Bob, David Devant and his Spirit Wife’s Vessel, Philip Jeays, Lily Rae and a full greek chorus of strapping Camdenite youth, David Koresh Superstar delves into the murky, abusive world of religious extremism, government excess, bad sex and insane logic; rewriting the greatest story ever told on the assumption that the persecuted messiah is definitively mistaken about his divinity.

It will look, basically, like that up there.

There will be very special editions.

There will be very special shows.

And this time, I swear, we’re going to shake this creaking industry to its god damned foundations.

Happy New Year


  • Raphael says:

    I’m so excited, Simon! I can’t wait.

  • 2011 starts with great news!!! Love you guys! Now I expect so much the release of this album and who knows one day this year you come play here in Brazil.

    Great 2011.

  • Ofir says:

    You made my night. Seems like you put your heart and your soul into this, I really want to hear it. And please make many delicious videoclips =]
    It’s a shame that concept albums are rare (outside the realm of prog rock)…

    Loving you, valuing your gold, and hoping you’ll come to Israel some day [even as tourists. I will stalk you very hard than]

  • Rol says:

    Looking forward to it. I’m kinda glad you saved it till this year – otherwise I would have had a devil of a time picking my album of the year in 2010. As it was, it was easy… as I’m sure next year’s will be.

    Oh, and congrats on the nuptials, if that’s for real. (I never believe anything I read on the internet.)

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