Indelicates Lifestyle Enhancement Range Expands Further

Hey the kids!

You know when you heard about the special editions with their lovely lyric books that look all lovely and have lovely endnotes and lovely essays about CLEVER STUFFS and you thought: oh noes, bcux I iz living with my four grandparents in a small house and can only afford to have one lovely lyric book a year on my birfday and then I only readz one letter at a time to make it last longer? Well Charlie, YOU NOW HAVE A GOLDEN WAY TO MAKE YOUR DAY because you can now buy the lyric book on it’s own without spending all your cash on a sexy, amazing special edition (yeah).

It’s only eight quid and it’s here:

We’ve also added a nice ‘Savages’ comic design Journal to the Cafepress here, if you think that;s something you’d like.

Other news: look at this – it’s awesome people making David Koresh Superstar with us:

And now go here and look at

Because Julia takes good pictures and these are some.

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