Job: The Musical

David Koresh Superstar – the imminent 3rd Indelicates record largely exists because – about 7 years ago – while rehearsing our hit fringe musical based on the book of Job, Chris Hodges (the dashing leading man in the titular role) made a joke along the very rough lines of: “What are you gonna do next? Waco: the Musical?”

Since then, the notion was forgotten and Job was performed all over the place to sell outs and standing ovations. We formed The Indelicates and did all that stuff and eventually came back to it once I’d worked out how to deal with the whole child abuse issue without being unforgivably crass.

ANYWAY – the point is, before DKS there was the Book of Job: The Musical – A similar delving into the vagaries of religion via the backalleyways of popular song. We were never able to get a proper recording together so you were never able to buy it… until VERY SOON

Because, inconveniently for our release schedule we did meet up a while ago and record it with Keith Top Of The Pops at Dean Street studios and – though it was taken a highly lengthy and circuitous amount of time to get the files off an apple formatted  hard drive and into my mixing software – it is now pretty close to being ready for public consumption. This is the cover:

And this is all by way of saying, David Koresh Superstar coming SOON, but Job: The Musical coming EVEN SOONER.

peace out.XX

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