Sad News…

DKS indefinitely delayed 🙁

Sad news today guys. We’ve looked at the way the market is and we’re sorry to say that in the present conditions – with the spiralling costs of our-of-control online piracy and the quality of the competition – we just can’t afford to self release David Koresh Superstar after all. Instead we’ll be sending the record to PR firms and record companies for the next year or so in the hope of convincing someone to give us an advance or something. We know this will annoy some of you, but we want to give the record the best possible chance – especially as we have gone to a lot of trouble to adapt our sound to the market that exists today and we don’t want those hours to have been wasted.

So tl;dr -we’ll be off the radar for a little while. In the meantime, we’ve decided to release the opening track as a FREE listening experience. No need to pay! just listen to the Sound-Cloud file in your Internet Explorer! We hope you like the way it sounds!!!!

Simon and The Duchess
David Koresh Superstar Preview Track by simonindelicate


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