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Do you want to listen to a brand new track from David Koresh Superstar? Do you want to preorder the album? Well go HERE then, alright?

Be among the first to get your hands on the CD release of David Koresh Superstar – the incredible new record from The Indelicates.

The 15 track, CD album is Available as is – or signed by Simon and Julia with a 92 page book containing all the lyrics, (very) extensive footnotes, a Q&A and suggestions for further reading. This is your chance to get in ahead of the curve and before the world ends on May 21st.

We will be making vinyl and very special editions later in the year. If you think you’re likely to want a special edition later, don’t worry – we’ll deduct the cost of any purchase you make now from the final price of the special edition package.

If you can’t see the point of CDs – we understand! The album will be digitally released at 00:01, May 16th.

For a limited time you’ll be able to download it on a Pay-What-You-Can basis from

We will be webcasting and previewing songs live from 11:30pm on May 15th to celebrate – follow @theindelicates on twitter or keep an eye on our facebook page or for further details.

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