Final Upcoming SHOWS and Call for Submissions for VERSIONS PROJECT

FIRST OFF the LYRIC BOOKS have ARRIVED! You can order them with the CD or on their OWN here:


On Corporate Records:

On iTunes:

On Amazon:

Cambridge, Brighton and Milton Keynes were all BRILLIANT. Thank you so much to Steve, POG, Phil Jeays, JimBob, Andy at the Watershed, Sara Saw, Max, Laurence, Ed, Al, Keith Totp, and everyone who played, sang, sang along, hooted and tooted.

FINAL FULL BAND UK SHOWS before Autumn/ Winter ’11:

SHEFFIELD – Saturday 25th June – at DQ – TICKETS: We’ve never played in Sheffield before, so especially EXCITED about this one! Please tell people who are North based, as this is our only North based show this time around…

LONDON SHOW, END OF THE TOUR is @ The Monarch, CAMDEN on Wednesday 13th July. SUPPORTS are Corporate Records label mates Jonny Cola & The A-Grades AND Keith Totp & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band. COME:

Every album The Indelicates have done has some extras, some of these by way of The Versions Project. People record themselves, remixes, covers etc of songs on THE LATEST RELEASE and we put them up on Corporate Records. On our second album Songs For Swinging Lovers we had a gameboy version of ‘Ill’, a Barbershop version of Jerusalem, and a German version of Savages.

IT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. PLEASE DO IT Audio/ Video Submissions to here, or to juliaindelicate at gmail dot com

Thank you also for all the lovely birthday wishes for me, you are NICE 🙂


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