Copyright – Some Developments

You know on the back of our last two CDs where it says that we waive the right to prevent you copying the data to your computer? That’s because it has always been illegal for you to do so – if you owned an Indelicates CD and lots of others and had copied the music to an mp3 player, all of the music on your mp3 player except ours was illegal. Well, finally today Vince Cable announced that the law will be changed – you should now feel free to copy your asinine, meaningless landfill of a record collection to your iPod without fear of legal sanction. He also announced that a parody exception will be introduced into copyright law – this means that songs like this:

from our groundbreaking, lauded and previously legally dubious Book of Job: The Musical are now legally justifiable.

(You should, incidentally BUY THE MUSICAL NOW)

There’s also good news about dropping some of the stupid site blocking stuff that had been planned and a general shift away from the uber-stupidity of last year. Of course, the rubbish Digital Economy Act with its threats of disconnection etc are still in place – and we are still subject to an industry that happily encourages and profits from young people taking drugs until they die while demanding cash from young people who share things they like with their friends – but hey, you can’t have everything (for some stupid reason).

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