It has been quite something to organise logistically, and we’ve worked with some of the AWESOMEST people just to get this all up and running. HOWEVER. There are still some things we want to do, and we’ll appreciate ANY HELP, as this is our FIRST EVER PROPER US TOUR.

10/2 Austin, TX – Swan Dive
10/3 Dallas, TX – Poor David’s Pub
10/6 Little Rock, AR – Maxine’s
10/13 Cambridge/Boston, MA – the Can Tab
10/14 Providence, RI – Speakaasy @ Local 121
10/16 NYC, NY – Presented by Pianos
10/17 Philadelphia, PA – Tritone
10/19 Dayton, OH – Venue TBA
10/20 Indianapolis, IN – The Melody Inn
10/21 Lafayette, IN – The Black Sparrow
10/26 Madison, WI – The Frequency
10/27 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room
10/28 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room

First off, I (Julia) have no money, as the Tax Man took it all, seriously ALL OF IT, which means hiring Piano Keyboards is going to be tough. IF YOU HAVE A PIANO, and LIVE IN ANY OF THESE PLACES, can I borrow it for a night? I promise to treat it to the finest silks, shower it in autumn kisses, and play it gently and in a completely non-violent way 😉 I use a Yamaha P120, which is pretty old and battered, but I like the tone. But anything with a weighted hammer action will do. Of course I’m going to have to hire in some places, but I thought some of you MIGHT be ok with sharing. If you can HELP, PLEASE… MESSAGE/ COMMENT/ TWEET @theindelicates

Second off: IF YOU ARE SKILLED, and in one of the towns we are playing, we might like you for a song or two. In the past we’ve had trumpeters, accordionists, saw players, fiddle players, and generally kiss anyone who wants to play the drums for us. If this is you, and you like us, and you’re interested, we should HOOK UP @theindelicates

SUPER SPECIAL EDTIONS – Last year we had people buying £300 (Approx $479) Super Special Editions of our Songs For Swinging Lovers album. It was so successful we’ve decided to offer it again on this tour. We come to your house/ cafe/ library/ venue/ garden and we play a set for you, of anything you like really (NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN), we RECORD the performance, and then HAND OVER THE RIGHTS in that recording TO YOU. With a GOddamn CONTRACT and everything. It’s pretty cool, and we love doing it. A few people who’ve bought it have a number of people pay a certain amount, like a gig, and make their money back that way. If you want this, as I know already a number of you do, please look at our TOUR DATES first and see where there are gaps. We should be able to accomodate most of you, and if all goes well we’ll be back next year to accomodate the WEST COAST (and Vegas 🙂 )

ALSO BE ADVISED THAT WE HAVE TO DRIVE BACK FROM CHICAGO TO bOSTON at the END OF THE TOUR to FLY HOME. so if you want a Super Special Edition AFTER THE TOUR, and ESPECIALLY if you can offer us somewhere to rest our indelicate limbs for the night, and ESPECIALLY if you make awesome FOOD, WE WILL COME. Those who can offer food and bed are MUCH RECQUIRED, and will be REWARDED with exciting things.

YOU HAVE ONE WEEK TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT A SUPER SPECIAL EDITION, because of logistics. @theindelicates on Twitter



Julia Indelicate X @juliaindelicate @theindelicates


  • jewsalem says:

    some months ago, i pulled a handful of indelicates songs onto a few of my grooveshark playlists and now i know all the words. a consequence of distracting my attention from more important things is that i’ve decided your website here needs more comments. i’ve long been set on the idea that if you want something done, you gotta troll this shit yourself. ok? so here i am.

    i’m only this far along, though, and already i’m concerned that this could become out-of-control regressive behavior. but, probably not.. it was a long time ago that i stormed away [in disgust] from the social scene you two hate to have to constantly obsess about and i almost never looked back, partly because out here, there’s so many legit, serious, determined, coherent and down-to-earth political operatives that you could never have the time to know them all AND it’s fair to say that all these people are part of bringing sweeping, revolutionary changes to where we’re from (the americas).

    maybe biff or baff or alice(?) .. sigh, i’m trying to make a limey anarchopunk reference.. emi.. they get knocked down again and again and they figure that ever-increasing irrelevance is “getting back up again” .. they probably have something stupid to say about the bolivarian circles and – YES! – something even dumber to say to shrug off colonel gaddafi + sons, who urgently need support from all thoughtful westerners with a conscience. it’s shameful that i’m even mentioning them together in the same paragraph, what’s the point? the libyan arab jamahiriya is doing it, life-or-death, no time to waste — beit beit! dar dar! shebr shebr! ZENGA ZENGA IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY … IF WE’RE NOT ON OUR GRIND, THEN WHAT’S UP IN SIRTE?

    i hope you two are with me, here. if so, why are you so depressed by what some hipster dipshits are or aren’t doing? and, if you aren’t with me, snap out of it! goddamn!

    i see now that you even got me down for a second there but that never works on me for too long. a catchy melody is culpable here. naturally, i blame you two for leaving these tunes around where people can find them (like those fake-ass twenty dollar bills that you snatch up only to find out it’s just some rant by the jehovah’s witnesses).

    BUT!- this comment lives happily ever after all: your melodies are still nice to listen to and they can be a litle reminder that all those chains of hopelessness are an illusion, anyone can move beyond it without ending up a chris hitchens in the process!

    and as for you two? well, my pretties, you’ll each get your’s in dayton, ohio! *maybe* you’ve been there before but have you played a show there before? if the utterly useless “kids” of soul-crushing dayton, ohio don’t straighten your curls then i dont know what will. go ahead, i dare you to share a 40oz after your act with jeff, the six-foot-five (thats how we quantify height) mullet-sporting loving-steve-winwood-makes-him-unique anarchoredneck. he is your ghost of sparsely-attended gigs to come.

    uff. i think i’ll shower now.. ill keep trolling your website but don’t worry.. it won’t be more of this stale-smelling resentment.. i had to get it out one time + i wont be talking about this shit anymore..

    oh, btw, you should change the page titles on here from “indelicates blog” to “indelicates website”. trust me. also, someone has already answered your “want to buy this ad space” offer (right column, right above “julia’s twitter”). it’s multinational corporate powerhouse … google! see: adsense and start getting paid by your advertiser(s) today (yeah, i should get a cut of this forthcoming PPA cash infusion but i wont hold my breath).

    happy since i discovered i can still get bright/wide-eyed,
    your first troll (i think)

    p.s. would you be open to playing a private, five-song-set for a party of 100 – 150 people in northern california as part of your u.s. tour? if so, how much is that gonna cost us?

  • jewsalem says:

    moderation, seriously? is it just for the horrible spambot stuff or something more interesting?

    p.s. this is a selfless act i’m doing here (esp anonymously). comments like these => engagement => fully-engaged users => ever-higher plateaus on your traffic graphs => all that pay-per-action banner ad scratch that keeps ev williams in furs! not to mention the pricelessness of giving first-time visitors the impression that you’ve got a highly-invested following.

  • Addressing the points I understand:
    1. We only offer the adspace so we can refuse people who want to buy it – if we ever do decide we need tuppence a decade we’ll put adsense back and will happily send you a cut of the resulting no revenue at all.

    2. By ‘social scene we obsess about’ do you mean the Branch Davidian Cult? Because, if not, then we should point out that we have actually written other songs since 2008.

    3. the private party thing: though we’re likely to be in Northern California in Feb/March anyway…

    4. I am sure our sparsely attended show in Dayton will be lovely and that that 6ft 5 dude (being english we also use english units of measurement will become our firm friend and send us Christmas cards that make us pause each December for a moment of genuinely heartfelt tenderness as we reflect on the ineluctable passing of all things.

    5. Partly for spambots, but mainly to discourage commenting and engagement.

    6. You’re right, we should change the meta data on the front page. The second I can be bothered I will get right on that.

    Thank you for your interest in The Indelicates marketing and lifestyle concern,

    Simon Indelicate,
    Consumer Engagement Dept.

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