Hello, Mildly Curious Americans Who Might Find This Website Looking For Stuff!

We know how it is – you met us at the end of the night and you kind of liked our stuff and you shouted over the DJ: ‘WHAT WAS THE NAME OF YOUR GROUP?’ and we shouted back something indistinct that you pretended to hear because you were being nice but that actually could have been anything. And then, as you were leaving you passed a poster that you half registered which had the name of the band on it so that later, when you thought: hey, what was the name of that band I saw? You kind of remembered enough to type ‘delicates british indie combo spunk song’ into google. Google sent you here and  – because we like making it easy for you, because we love you, and kind of because we want to get some of your money off you – we’re here to help.

Do you want to get hold of some digital music by us? Great, you can do that by clicking any of the following links:

1. Our latest album, which is the one  with all the songs you didn’t quite get the point of but that seemed to be mainly about David Koresh and the ATF:

Tht’s here: http://corpor.at/A190

2. Our second to last album which has the one where she says snatch, the savages one and is where you’ll find the moodier more cabaret-ish songs?

Right here: http://corpor.at/A28

3. Our debut album which has the one where he says ‘come’ (as a noun) and the one where we are pro-american and which is generally poppier?

Here: http://corpor.at/A27

Do you disdain progress with it’s flawed utopian dream of a seamless life untroubled by visible mechanisms? Why then you may be in the market for one of our Compact Disc or Vinyl packages!

You can find these here:

David Koresh Superstar Cds and Books

Songs For Swinging Lovers Special Editions

Older CDs, Merch etc.

Thank you for visiting, stranger from last night, you will always occupy a special place in our hearts.


The Indelicates

P.S. Come see us again, we’ll be at these places:

10/13 Cambridge/Boston, MA – the Can Tab
10/14 Providence, RI – Speakaasy @ Local 121
10/16 New York City, NY – Presented by Pianos
10/17 Philadelphia, PA – Tritone
10/18 Dayton, OH – The South Park Tavern
10/20 Indianapolis, IN – The Melody Inn
10/21 Lafayette, IN – The Black Sparrow
10/23 Port Byron, IL – G’s Riverfront Cafe (Super Special Edition, performance will be recorded)
10/26 Madison, WI – The Frequency
10/27 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room
10/28 Chicago, IL – Elbo Room

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