Meanwhile Over On Corporate Records Part 2…

Yes, kids – stretching the definition of ‘tomorrow’ here is part two of this week’s round up of awesome new music from Corporate Records

Zen Motel’s Cranked EP IS FUCKED BY ROCK and is here:

The Thlyds Second Single Release of the week is Bored
‘I get the feeling that there’s something missing/ I’m bored of cider and vanadalism…’

Silent Girl by Red State Sound System has Julia on b-vox and is more meta than Marvell:

Let’s Inject Ourselves With Illegal Substances by Speo is great, which is lucky since I mainly included it because it has the honour of being the 2,000th track uploaded to Corporate Records. You can find it on Speo’s Album – Shake – which am here:

While I’m in the business of posting tracks based on their upload chronology, this is the 1000th track uploaded to the site. This is amazing for many reasons:
1) It’s a good song
2) Its being the 1000th upload means it has the shortlink ‘
3) It’s called Don’t let bad men ruin your life which is pretty damned spooky, considering…

The T-1000

But anyway, it’s on Tulipmania by Fall Down Freddy – right here:

That’ll do for now – like Takashi Miike in Hostel – go in there and spend ALL your money.
Peace and Fucking,

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