If T-Shirts be the food of love, then here is EXCESS OF IT.

We’re going to try a new thing with T-Shirts – We have far more designs than we have capital to invest in upfront T-Shirt Manufacture so we’re going to be regularly updating our new spreadshirt shop.

It’s a print on demand thing -like cafepress – but I think we’ve managed to get costs down far enough that instead of cafepress’s silly prices (especially with postage) you’ll end up paying £20 (P&P included) for a high quality Standard T-Shirt featuring any of the many, many designs we’re making available.

Some budget items will come in cheaper (the Tesco Value style one from a few years back for example) and some – skinny fits, organic cotton etc – will be a little more. We’ve taken the opportunity to include some old T-Shirt Designs that we’ve long sold out of – but if there are any Indelicates designs that you want on a shirt that we haven’t uploaded please contact us and ask.

Save for some sterling work on the dropshadows by Sad Gnome Records, we’ve always done every pixel of our artwork ourselves so anything you might want is very likely to be on one of our hard-drives somewhere. Ideas for artwork that doesn’t exist but that just should? Let us know and we’ll get bespoke on your pampered, lovable asses.

We’ve been working hard on the designs, and all sales are massively welcome as we scrabble around trying to get the next record made – so please have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy.

We love you – in a direct and physically overbearing way.
Simon and Julia

Or click on this sexy little bastard to have the shop open in a new window…

this weekend only: Use the voucher code EXTRACAP to get a free hat before Feb 27th…

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  • Andrew Indelicate says:

    I’d like to order off the menu!
    Would it be possible to get a bespoke tshirt of the ‘Pierre Homard has nought but contempt…’ moustached lobster?

    PS: I’m a big fan! have been since 2005; I have all of your albums, bsides, rarities, demos and live, and love/hate all of it! so do all my friends! ..actually “all” is an exaggeration. some. some of my friends like you. I’d venture about 40%. Which isn’t too bad when you think about it in percentage terms: that’s higher than the Tories got in the last election. so there ya go– The Indelicates: More Popular Than Cameron. you can stick that on a tshirt too.. no charge. I wouldn’t want that tshirt though — I want Pierre Homard!

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