These Are Our Jams

We’ve been switching servers so we’ve been a bit wobbly about updating this site for a bit, but we are back, back in the new york groove, in Denim, Black and Time and also dressing gowns.

We’ve also been using This Is My Jam because we are cool as fuck hipsters. Follow us! Be embrassed by our anachronistic and contrary taste in musics! Yeah!
Right now we’re pimping Tommy James & The Shondells and Bon Jovi.



Also, here’s Laurence Owen

and Lily Rae

and Keith TOTP

Other people who are/have been in the band are too good for it, apparently (and also, there’s only so many times you can post Hanson so it has limited appeal) LOLJK

While we’re at it, look at this picture:

It is things I have been doing and THAT IS ALL I AM WILLING TO SAY.


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