Flopsy Bunney’s Brilliant Publishing House Of Books

Procrastination, yeah? It’s a beautiful thing. We are supposed to be finishing the writing on album four; naturally, therefore, we have started a children’s picture book publishing house.

Written and illustrated by Simon, the first book we’re putting out is called Felix The Fieldmouse and is about a mouse who is scared of Bonfire Night. If you have a child, know a child, are a child, are childish, are Billy Childish or are just a connoisseur of stuff that rules, then you WANT a copy.

Go to the new website at http://www.flopsybunney.com and have a click around (click on the bunny especially) to find books, audiobooks, T Shirts and Julia’s bunney-based craft store selling beautiful necklaces and the like.

The second book is called Flopsy Bunney and His Friends – it is altogether weirder and will be available to purchase very soon. at least one of the pages looks like this:

How lucky are you? Throughout most of history, people who wanted to buy an amazing children’s book had to make do with Bubonic plague and the Feudal system. SO JUST YOU THINK ABOUT THAT.


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