Meanwhile on Corporate Records, Summer 2012

The awesome thing about owning a record company that you have purposely refused to have any control over is that you get to feel regularly surprised and enthusiastic about the records you didn’t know you’d put out.

For example, check out How To Loot Brazil’s Album, Betamarx. Apart from having an amazing title it sounds like this:

and this:

has an excellent cover and is easily worth some of anyone’s money – buy it now

Then there’s Permissible Permutations by The Melting Ice Caps
which sounds like this:

and which also has an amazing (possibbly hassan-i-sabbah-referencing) name and which is lush, charming and lovely.

Now look at the cover of The Antidote’s EP:

Surely the vocal isn’t going to do that cover justice?

Oh hey, it totally does – sweet.

Also, while we’re at it, did anyone on your record label suppprt the Stone Roses at the weekend? No? Oh well, guess mine’s just better than yours then…

If you don’t buy everything by the Dirty North right now, it can only mean that you love David Cameron and want to marry him

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