Music for the Holidays, on Corporate Records! Happy Holidays!

There are lots of  seasonal songs on Corporate Records! Here are some to cheer and chuckle to…

The English (At Christmas Time) By Father Xmas. Download it here:

Kith and Kin (A Christmas Song) by Laurence Owen. Download here:

Lily Rae – I Like Christmas. Download here:

Jonny Cola & The A-Grades – All I Want For Christmas is an Action Man. Download here:

bog off christmas – By Carfax. Download here:

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Other Year – By The Melting Icecaps. Download here:

Then there’s A Christmas Gift by The 10p Mixes. Download here:

We also made our Gobbles do a special christmas video:

And Simon did a little song called The Ballad of Indiana Bear, which is lovely:

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a lovely week 🙂

Love, Julia and Simon X

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