Vinyl Kickstarter – EAT OUR GOAL!!!!

A few days ago we reached our goal on our low-key kickstarter and we will, therefore, be making lovely shiny black records with Diseases of England on. There are still 15 days left to pledge yourself and be first in line to receive one.

Why should you still pledge?
Well, here is a short list…

1. You guarantee yourself a copy.
2. Any money over and above the target will be spent on making a better product – gatefolds, for example, cost about £300 more, and if there’s enough in the kitty we’ll get them. Heavy black vinyl costs about £100 more etc.
3. We are very likely to come up with some way in which the vinyl that pledgers get will be better than the vinyl we sell later – we’re not sure what yet, but it IS totally the kind of thing we would do.
4. To get back at your neophile parents.
5. Because of sticking it to the man in some way.

So if you’re not amongst it yet – get down!

Also, thank you very much to everyone who has pledged – we really wanted a copy for ourselves too, so we’re glad we can have one 🙂


  • Andrea says:

    So happy you made it!!
    now i can relax and wait for my copy..

    the only thing that would make this perfect is a gig of you guys over here in Holland.. just you know.. someone is waiting for you over here 🙂

  • Thank you! – we’d love to play in Holland – if you know anyone who puts on shows and can cover travel we’ll be over like a shot! 🙂

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