Diseases of England is OUT NOW

That up there is a new video from it. The album, The fourth LP by The Indelicates, was funded by pre-sales and has been released to backers in three parts over the last six months. It is now available in it’s glorious entirety.

You can buy a digital copy from any of the usual outlets, but we’d prefer it if you bought it straight from us on the all-new corporate records site:

[Corporate Records]

Similarly, you can buy a CD or preorder a Vinyl LP from our shop:
[Indelicates Shop]


As ever, we are dependant on you to get the word out about this release. If you have a moment and would like to do us a favour – you might consider doing any of the following:

1. Share this link on your twitter, facebook or other social network of choice.

Social Networks are evolving and these day, actually posting the link stands a better chance of being seen than ‘liking’ – especially if you add a line about why you are posting it, tag friends or get into an argument about it underneath.

2. Embed the new video on your wall, blog or high end media news portal

3. Send the press release to any journalists, radio stations or influential tastemakers in the young affluent demographic that you know

the press release can be found here, as a publicly viewable google doc:


4. Send tracks to people who you think could benefit from some us in their lives

5. If you bought a preorder package or anything else tangible that has arrived and that you like- take a picture of it, tag it and post it.

6. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon and the rest – if you really want to help us out, high ratings and positive reviews go a long way.

We can’t believe how well this all went. If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that we owe you a debt of gratitude – so thank you very very much.


Simon and Julia Indelicate


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