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The Year in Review: 2015

WHAT A BUSY YEAR IT’S BEEN, Ey?   In JANUARY we got some nice mentions of our Virtual Reality Single from November 2014: ‘The Generation That Nobody Remembered‘, for Oculus Rift, which you can still experience here We did an interview about it:>here And here: And here: Or just watch on YouTube if […]

The Year In Review 2014

It’s been one of those years where we start out working on one thing, and end up working on MANY THINGS, all at once. Years where we don’t release an album are weird like that. In MARCH we aired songs from our new musical ‘Paradise Rocks’, a musical that re-imagines Milton’s Paradise Lost as a […]

Julia Indelicate’s Review of the Year: 2013: PART TWO

For PART ONE, go here: Much of the merchandise we made for Diseases of England was stuff we’d not tried to make before. We’ve been making our legendary Lyric books with footnotes and essays in them since our second album Songs For Swinging Lovers, but Diseases of England saw us sewing dolls and designing […]

Julia Indelicate’s Review Of The Year: 2013: PART ONE

What a year! I think me and Simon have made more things this year than in any previous, thanks to the different things we decided to make for the packages of our fourth album Diseases of England. We’d already started crowd-funding (directly through our sites) in October 2012, and released the first tracks from the […]

Music for the Holidays, on Corporate Records! Happy Holidays!

There are lots of  seasonal songs on Corporate Records! Here are some to cheer and chuckle to… The English (At Christmas Time) By Father Xmas. Download it here: Kith and Kin (A Christmas Song) by Laurence Owen. Download here: Lily Rae – I Like Christmas. Download here: Jonny Cola & The A-Grades […]

2011: The Year in Review

I got the idea to review the year from Dave Hughes, folk singer extraordinaire, whose album you can buy here: January to March 2011 was spent in preparation for the release of our epic and much anticipated concept album David Koresh Superstar, an album about the Waco siege of 1993 and our first major […]


We’re just about recovered from our jet-lag, and back in the UK following our tour in the US. We had a brilliant time, we ALWAYS have a brilliant time, and coming back has been tough. We’ve gone straight back into working on new material for next year, and that’s all I’m currently saying about that […]


Aside from some annoying things, like my computer breaking AGAIN and our slightly rattly car, our mini tour/ holiday in Germany was ACE. MAINZ – Baron Uni – we love you. You cheered us. You put gold in our boxes. You bought our STUFFS. THANK YOU. STUTTGART – Cafe Galao – We love you – […]