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Final Upcoming SHOWS and Call for Submissions for VERSIONS PROJECT

FIRST OFF the LYRIC BOOKS have ARRIVED! You can order them with the CD or on their OWN here: PHYSICAL plus LYRIC BOOKS: On Corporate Records: On iTunes: On Amazon: Cambridge, Brighton and Milton Keynes were all BRILLIANT. Thank you so much to Steve, POG, Phil Jeays, JimBob, Andy at the […]

JUNE HAPPENINGS, American Super Special Editions, and David Koresh Superstar: VERSIONS PROJECT!

First off, IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT David Koresh Superstar yet, you can now do so all over the place… On Corporate Records: On iTunes: On Amazon: AND PHYSICAL plus LYRIC BOOKS: THE NEXT BATCH of LYRIC BOOKS ARE BEING PRINTED and will be POSTED OUT ASAP. Sorry again for the delays, not our fault, but still very annoying. SHOWS NEXT WEEK: […]


As part of the Special Editions for The Indelicates second album Songs For Swinging Lovers, this high end option was to pay for a performance by Julia and Simon, have it recorded, and subsequently have the rights in that recording legally handed over to purchasers of said Super Special Edition… AND IT’S HAPPENING! IN GLASGOW! […]

Songs For Swinging Lovers NOW ON CD

Ladies and Gentlemen, Songs For Swinging Lovers, The Indelicates second album, can now be purchased on CD… Go here, or look to your left for links to the shop: For those of you who have already bought it, POSTING OUT TOMORROW! Already looks like it’s going to be a hell of a post… REMEMBER, […]