Kitchen Podcast #2 (sorry)

Look, making a podcast properly is harder than you’d think with all children everywhere, so we ARE going to do that one we said about before nut in the meantime we are just going to record ourselves talking to each other in the kitchen while doing other things. We are sorry but pandemic so shut up.

Kitchen Podcast #1

We are going to do podcasts again! Unfortunately we are locked in a gentrified council house with two small children and doing a podcast is impossible – so here is us standing in the kitchen with a baby talking at tangents and cross purposes about absolutely nothing. ASMR, onlyfans, a joke about the Pearl Fishers, fridge impressions – and that’s just the first fifteen minutes.

JUNIVERBRECHER: available now!

Pre-order ANY physical version and get the digital album emailed to you TODAY!

Lords and commons of England! Consider what nation it is whereof ye are!

It is one year since Brexit, half a year since Trump, stirrings abound – but the horrors persist and worsen!


Cruel and Ugly! Mr Punch in the boiler room! Savile in a postcard! There’s something wrong with Top Of The Pops. They cry hoorah for Daniel! Everything’s so lovely by the sea! The bins have not been taken!

We present this banishing ritual, to drive the demons from England!

Nous présentons ce hurlement en marge!

Unsere Damen, Herren und alle anderen! Wir präsentieren: JUNIVERBRECHER!


New Website, Finally.

Look, do you have any idea how hard it is to make two albums, a well-mannered child, dinner and also have a website that’s not a massive fucking mess? Well it’s hard, is my point. But I’ve rebuilt it all now, what more do you want?

Oh, you want a redesign of the shop too? Well I HAVE NOT DONE THAT YET, so there.

I shouldn’t have to build wordpress themes when I look like this in these trousers:

Anyway, new album very soon, it’s better than other things you like.

The Year in Review: 2015



In JANUARY we got some nice mentions of our Virtual Reality Single from November 2014: ‘The Generation That Nobody Remembered‘, for Oculus Rift, which you can still experience here

We did an interview about it:>here

And here:

And here:

Or just watch on YouTube if you don’t have a Rift and want the music video version 😉

In February we played gigs with Pog and Keith Totp, and started previewing songs from our fifth album… Elevator Music. There is video evidence somewhere of Simon doing his glitter band impression at the Surya show, but I can’t find it at the moment (probably a good thing!) Suffice to say it was glorious and everyone joined in with the chanting so… come on.

Simon edited I Formed A Band by Eddie Argos, which is totally excellent and bloody funny, and you can still buy it here

In March… both me and Simon submitted audio performances of poems to the art/ culture/ philosophy Doubtist podcast by Alexander Velky. The first one was called ‘Rubbish’ and the second one ‘History’. I really enjoyed doing this as I hadn’t written any poems for a while, and it was fun to scrutinise and edit down poems again (a mostly purposeless skill now, but a fun one nevertheless!).
The first is here 1:
The Second is here 2:

Our hearts broke a little when we heard the news of Terry pratchett’s death. Simon said it best: “Very sad about Terry Pratchett – long advertised though it was. I don’t like social media grief, but ignoring this one seems too much because he’s my favourite and has been for longer than I can make sense of. Over decades, I feel like I came to understand and subscribe fully to the central theme that is at the heart of all his work: that there is a common thread to all humanity, neither good nor bad, but deserving of kindness; and that if you are looking for evil, you will find it most easily among those who would seek to make us other than we are. Centuries hence, when almost everything we read now will be trivial, people will idly wonder what it was like to have read Pratchett’s books when they were fresh, in the age that produced them. I’m glad that I know, but I don’t imagine the difference between us will be all too great. That’s sort of the point, really. RIP

We did some of the final recording for Elevator Music at Dean Street Studios with Keith Totp and an army of rock n roll guest guitarists and singers. Look at them all rocking out to the same riff for The Noise!



Emma and Nick ROCKING OUT!

On May 7th, Election Day, I had a baby called Ryder. After many many many things all going tits up, many of them avoidable, I had an emergency caesarian. I very nearly had an emergency caesarian without any anaesthetic, and if it hadn’t been for Simon shouting I suspect I’d still be having nightmares. Childbirth is Fucked. Up. Being on a maternity ward is hellish. Not being allowed to leave is fucking terrifying. I’m pretty easy going, I can manage on very little sleep and can put up with this for a while. But THIS is not food.

Luckily I recovered very quickly, and was wandering around after about a week. I’m not very good at keeping still, so while the first few months are seriously intense, we responded to this by continuing to be AS BUSY AS POSSIBLE. Probably stupid, but probably also kept us sane. Here is what Ryder looks like now. I never did get to vote, although I doubt it would have made much difference (I TOTALLY called the election).

In JUNE we started to tell the world the story of the album
And began recruiting friends…

In JULY we went on the radio for Joyzine, Radio Reverb, and Juice, listen again for some live versions of Elevator Music tracks here

In AUGUST We launched the crowdfunding for Elevator Music with our 360 spherical video ‘Beyond The Radio Horizon (115 light years)‘.
You need to open it in the youtube app to move it around. Even better, grab your Indelicates branded Cardboard and watch it with that. You could try only watching Nick or Louisa or Emma or Al or Simon or Me for the whole video. I did. It was edifying. Bunch of hotties.

Wes craven died. Simon said this: ‘As a child, in every newsagent, I would be unable to resist the powerful urge to find the copy of A Nightmare On Elm Street among the videos and look at the covers – even though every time I did that I completely terrified myself for the rest of the day. That was a fear that went deep and it was all Wes Craven’s fault, but I think the dark things are things to cherish and I’m very very grateful for it. Rest in pieces.

In SEPTEMBER… Simon wrote a long form essay called Why Your Music Is Worthless (and how to sell it anyway) which got shared A LOT.

And mentioned on the BBC:

And in December Simon went up to Huddersfield University to give a lecture based on the content of the essay. Pretty cool 🙂

People seem to find it helpful and interesting which is great, as that is what it is for. He’d like to write the complete book version, which would be ace, so if you want to publish that, get in touch.
It got shared A LOT.

We exhibited both our BREATH and Ride VR experiences at Geek Central in Brighton, which was totally ace as loads of kids where there and got to try the Rift for the first time.

We got quite an alright picture of the super moon through our telescope

…and kept Ryder up to have a look…

In OCTOBER we put together two performances of The Book of Job: The Musical! for the Brighton Comedy Fringe at The Basement Theatre.

New jokes were formulated, giggles were had, we had two new cast members. It got a lovely review in The Argus
Right here

On the 20th NOVEMBER, Elevator Music, our fifth (and probably our best) album officially came out. We are very keen on it, and we made lots of special stuff for everyone who preordered. Look at all the special stuff we made.

And then we launched it at The George Tavern

Nice scarf, babe



Elevator Music is getting some nice REVIEWS

From Italy



Nice mention here

AND YOU CAN GET IT EVERYWHERE, but better to get it here:

On the 12th DECEMBER we finally got to perform with our Goblin puppets, that I made a couple of years ago for a pilot, in GOBLINS LIVE! This was so much fun, and it made me so happy to see Gorrodron, Hacharacl, Blytha Herringbone, Sassafrishl the Shusher, The Mystic Clive, Frooth Maynar, and all the Gobbles in their debut show. It’s hot work, really hard to see what you’re doing, and nerve-wrackingly fast paced, but I found myself much more at ease performing as a puppet than I do being myself; there’s something really rewarding about making people laugh when they can’t see your face. It feels very honest. As well as me and Simon, Paul Stones and Kay Walton were amazing, especially in my broken mother brain moments (I’m told this gets better after a year, but fucking hell my memory is fractured)

We’ll be doing more of these shows, keep an eye on here

OTHER THINGS THAT HAPPENED… We flew with Ryder to visit mum in Germany, and ate lots of mcribs, drank gluwein and ate raclette in Christmas markets. SpaceX landed a rocket, proving that they can reuse them, and thus cutting the costs by many monies. Cool as fuck.

WE LOVED… Crystal Rift, Armikrog, Ghost Watch on the big screen, Rhymes For All Times by Alexander Velky, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain by The Helmholtz Resonators.

TO… Book the Book of job in more theatres!

TO… Books Goblins Live! in more theatres!

TO… Tour Elevator Music!

TO… Visit all our German friends!


ON… January 7th in LONDON

ON… January 22th in Oxford

Wishing a very Happy New Year to each and every one of you 🙂

Love, Julia Indelicate Xx

The Year In Review 2014

It’s been one of those years where we start out working on one thing, and end up working on MANY THINGS, all at once. Years where we don’t release an album are weird like that.

In MARCH we aired songs from our new musical ‘Paradise Rocks’, a musical that re-imagines Milton’s Paradise Lost as a low budget Hawaiian Elvis movie from 1959, on Joyzine radio (you can listen again here) and previewed the songs at duo/ Super Special shows in Brighton, Stuttgart, Montabaur, and Karlsruhe throughout the year.

Performing songs from a fully blown musical with just a piano, a guitar, some vocals, and a Talk Box… ( see here for what the hell that is: Thanks Keith Totp!) …is quite a feat. There are some beautiful BEAUTIFUL songs on this new musical, in which I get to do my full on Disney Princess impressions, and we’re looking forward to developing the show in 2015, by dog ARE we. Here’s a photo of Fran preparing herself for one of the parts during our first script read through…

On the 5th March one of our favourite bands (wink wink nudge wink wink) The Thylds released ‘NATIONAL TREASURES‘, A Double A-Side featuring The Thlyds latest – recorded in prison with the support of the Youth Outreach Musical Expression Service – and the debut tune from Karen Condom and the Gash ‘ON THE BUS‘. It is of course OUTSTANDING, and both Thornton Halfwit and Karen Condom are clearly going places in 2015.

In APRIL… we spent much of it rehearsing for the MOTHERFUCKING ORCHESTRAL EXTRAVAGANZA in May… but did have time to catch The Islanders, A lo-fi musical by Amy Mason, Eddie Argos and Jim Moray, which we really, really enjoyed.


With the brilliant and patient assistance of Martin White, we performed an ORCHESTRAL EXTRAVAGANZA with The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra which was one of the best shows we’ve ever done. It is so SO wonderful to hear the songs as you’ve always imagined them, with harmonising parts in strings and brass and woodwind. When they develop the brain chip which turns the doo-bee-doos in my head into string and brass notes, I’ll probably never leave the house again. You’re not likely to hear ‘Class’ or ‘I Used To Sing’ in the same way again, and if you weren’t there you won’t quite get the magic, but here’s a short little clip to give you some sense of what it was like…

Also in May, my mum sold up and moved away, so I had fun looking through old things of mine from when I was little Julia Indelicate. Here is the funniest primary school report I found…

I expect I was outstanding in my field HUR HUR HUR

In JULY Simon asked on the internet if anyone wanted house shows in Germany, as we were going over anyway to visit my mum, and by golly we got THREE shows… Stuttgart, Montabaur, and Karlsruhe… We had a pretty hilarious time doing them, the food was great, the people were TOP, the shows were LONG, AND… We got to watch a fair amount of the World Cup while we were over there. Watching the German team doing so well WHILE IN GERMANY was totally bodacious. Here is a review of the Stuttgart gig, which is in German:

There is a complete ‘Year of Gobbles’ video which contains all of the Vines we did with the Puppets while the World Cup was on. It is a great way of introducing yourself to the wonders/ horrors of Gobbles Hand puppets. The football ones are VERY funny (to us?) though. The ‘Don’t Look Now’ one is probably our best Vine so far…

In AUGUST we supported POG at their album launch, it’s a great GREAT album and I did some singing for the tracks I feature on on their album and Simon did some rockin’ electric guitar solos. Check it out here, it’s ace:

Also in August, we did as many others also did… Simon’s Ice Bucket Challenge…

Julia’s Ice Bucket Challenge…

In SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER we played full band shows with Al, Emma, Nick, and Louisa at The Rhythm Factory, 93 Feet East, and a Halloween show at Paper Dress Vintage. Everyone in the band was ace, I’m really looking forward to working with them on all the new material in 2015. For Halloween me and simon dressed up as Alice Cooper and Unity Mitford… Classic Indelicates outfits… Alas I do not have adequate photos of the rest of them, but I seem to recall a Margaret Thatcher panto costume…



It was called…

And as well as an A-Side experience, it has a B-Side experience…

It is a blend of environmental storytelling, music and small-scale exploration – a proof of concept for the future of VR as a format for popular music. IT TOOK SERIOUS WORK that was WELL HARD. We’ve invented an entirely new artform…


It is NEW and exciting 🙂 We went to an EXCELLENT Meetup in Brighton to try out many of the projects people are working on in VR, it was brilliant and I very nearly fell over during one of them 🙂

Here is Tom trying it out…

Here is Emma Indelicates trying it out…

Here is Simon pretending to be Cartman from South Park’s episode about the Rift…

Here is Simon’s mum trying it out…

And you can read about it/ download it/ find out what the hell it is HERE

In DECEMBER we managed only one of our Christmas shows as, due to sickness, the London one couldn’t go ahead. Hopefully we’ll reschedule…Here we are being sombre…

We saw some good friends from the US in 2014, AND we got to eat at St John…

And we both spent much of the latter part of the year writing music for the next LP helped, largely, by listening endlessly to old ’50s and ’60s sci-fi like Ray Bradbury’s ‘Thirteen’ and ‘X-Minus One’ which, if you haven’t, you should SEEK OUT!

The Drowned Man was AMAZING.

So was The Wind Rises.

The new Ratatouille ride and area at Disneyland Paris is GORGEOUS.

We want to thank everyone who has played with us, supported us, helped arrange shows for us, helped brainstorm ideas with us, bought us coffee, helped Julia with accounts(!), been kind, been thoughtful, been smart, and spent time with us.

Have a very Happy New Year, and an excellent 2015.


xXx Julia Indelicate xXx


We talk to the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra’s Martin White about theatrical triumphs and disasters, abolishing the arts council (mostly Simon saying that, to be fair), dying on stage and drinking shots of Lenor. + Intimidatingly good Accordion based musical brilliance, Remember The Alamo with extra coughing and us giving away more than we intended to about the thing we’re working on.