Find Out how Much I Would Be Willing To Pay For A Scouting For Girls Album…

…and many more interesting things about copyright, music, Gomez, corporate Records and OTHER STUFF by reading this interview with me here:

Then come to the Monarch to heckle me in an informed manner:

Oh and if you’re voting today, enjoy that, unless you’re in London – in which case do whatever it is you feel you have to through gritted teeth then go home and have a wash.

If you’re in Manchester, you might want to have a read of the Pirate Party’s election materials, which are here:

Yar har fiddle de dee,

Double Dip Recession

Look, We’re In A Double Dip Recession. Which is bad news for everybody – luckily we released a novelty advert single a little while ago that seems entirely appropriate for listening to in order that the occasion be properly marked. (It would also be really good on one of those VT bits in the news, oh ye PRS paying gatekeeper-y media fuckers, INCIDENTALLY)

Anyway, here’s the video:

Here’s a preview of the cool, new, so-2012-it-might-as-well-be-a-dumb-TV-hour-about-mayan-prophecies, slink-wist reboot of the song that’s on the reissued B-Side:


You know, with all that money that you don’t have because of the double dip recession. Er…

We’re Playing This Gig. Come To It Please.

We are. It is this:

We gave up acoustic instruments for lent, and can’t remember where we put them, so we are going to be amazing, play new songs loudly and generally melt everyone’s faces off.

I will probably look like this:

ALSO. The New Royal Family are playing and not only are they much much better than the old royal family, they’re so amazing that they don’t even exist anymore. Watch this video and then make sure you arrive early.

Also playing are The Fanclub about whom I Know nothing except that if they don’t have a fanclub called ‘The Band’ then they are missing a trick.

Bring lighters,

Flopsy Bunney’s Brilliant Publishing House Of Books

Procrastination, yeah? It’s a beautiful thing. We are supposed to be finishing the writing on album four; naturally, therefore, we have started a children’s picture book publishing house.

Written and illustrated by Simon, the first book we’re putting out is called Felix The Fieldmouse and is about a mouse who is scared of Bonfire Night. If you have a child, know a child, are a child, are childish, are Billy Childish or are just a connoisseur of stuff that rules, then you WANT a copy.

Go to the new website at and have a click around (click on the bunny especially) to find books, audiobooks, T Shirts and Julia’s bunney-based craft store selling beautiful necklaces and the like.

The second book is called Flopsy Bunney and His Friends – it is altogether weirder and will be available to purchase very soon. at least one of the pages looks like this:

How lucky are you? Throughout most of history, people who wanted to buy an amazing children’s book had to make do with Bubonic plague and the Feudal system. SO JUST YOU THINK ABOUT THAT.


The Midlands are Close Enough To Everywhere…

…That’s why they’re called the midlands.

So I can’t seen any reason at all why everyone in england can’t make it to this tomorrow and sunday:

US, Art Brut, Misty’s Big Adventure, Keith TOTP, Abdoujaparov, Icepops For Breakfast for hardly any money. Come on down/up/sideways yeah?


These Are Our Jams

We’ve been switching servers so we’ve been a bit wobbly about updating this site for a bit, but we are back, back in the new york groove, in Denim, Black and Time and also dressing gowns.

We’ve also been using This Is My Jam because we are cool as fuck hipsters. Follow us! Be embrassed by our anachronistic and contrary taste in musics! Yeah!
Right now we’re pimping Tommy James & The Shondells and Bon Jovi.



Also, here’s Laurence Owen

and Lily Rae

and Keith TOTP

Other people who are/have been in the band are too good for it, apparently (and also, there’s only so many times you can post Hanson so it has limited appeal) LOLJK

While we’re at it, look at this picture:

It is things I have been doing and THAT IS ALL I AM WILLING TO SAY.


If T-Shirts be the food of love, then here is EXCESS OF IT.

We’re going to try a new thing with T-Shirts – We have far more designs than we have capital to invest in upfront T-Shirt Manufacture so we’re going to be regularly updating our new spreadshirt shop.

It’s a print on demand thing -like cafepress – but I think we’ve managed to get costs down far enough that instead of cafepress’s silly prices (especially with postage) you’ll end up paying £20 (P&P included) for a high quality Standard T-Shirt featuring any of the many, many designs we’re making available.

Some budget items will come in cheaper (the Tesco Value style one from a few years back for example) and some – skinny fits, organic cotton etc – will be a little more. We’ve taken the opportunity to include some old T-Shirt Designs that we’ve long sold out of – but if there are any Indelicates designs that you want on a shirt that we haven’t uploaded please contact us and ask.

Save for some sterling work on the dropshadows by Sad Gnome Records, we’ve always done every pixel of our artwork ourselves so anything you might want is very likely to be on one of our hard-drives somewhere. Ideas for artwork that doesn’t exist but that just should? Let us know and we’ll get bespoke on your pampered, lovable asses.

We’ve been working hard on the designs, and all sales are massively welcome as we scrabble around trying to get the next record made – so please have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy.

We love you – in a direct and physically overbearing way.
Simon and Julia
Or click on this sexy little bastard to have the shop open in a new window…

this weekend only: Use the voucher code EXTRACAP to get a free hat before Feb 27th…

Meanwhile Over On Corporate Records (Addendum)

It would be remiss of us not to mention this:

Brostep future classic from Indianabärr

And this:

By Christopher Jameson because it sounds a bit like Julian Cope in a good way.

AND Hey, it’s the Far Queue Remixing the Fuck out of us:

BUY IT fool.

meanwhile Julia is doing THIS:

Yeah? Yeah!