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We talk to singer, erstwhile frontman of a number of the better sorts of band and star of Job The Musical Chris Hodges about musical beginnings, piano lessons, misogyny and the economics of 15 year olds; we play Unity Mitford and a Thlyds classic and he plays one of his, which is embarassingly good.

#5 – Jonny Fluffypunk – Indelicates Live Jukebox Podcast

Simon and Julia discuss celebrity paedophiles, the futility of rock’n’roll and poetry, orgone accumulators, the intersection of Northern comics and situationist theorists and tits Jordan with Dangerous Poet Jonny Fluffypunk + Old B-Sides they’ve never played before, erotic storytelling and disreputable verse.

Indelicates Live Jukebox Podcast #1 – Nobody

Our first go, by way of announcing the INDELICATES LIVE JUKEBOX PODCAST in which we will chat, fiddle about, play stuff, read stuff out and try to remember how to play any song that you cue up on our live acoustic jukebox. Plays cost £1.50 and you can request any song at all from the […]