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In April, The Indelicates released their, frankly, overdue second album Songs For Swinging Lovers to a hugely enthusiastic online response. Sold on a ‘Pay-What-You-Like‘ basis from their new online record company, Corporate Records, the album has been downloaded thousands of times and has raised thousands of pounds. It’s hard to make an accurate comparison, but they have probably made more per sale than they did when they were signed and in shops. They have definitely made more per download.

People all over the world have, unbullied, proved themselves willing to pay for music that they value. The Indelicates have proved that the Pay-What-You-Like model is not the preserve of massive bands, but that it can work for anyone with or without label support. Corporate Records is free to use, with 20% of revenue going to the company. We now feel very comfortable recommending it.

Because they are stupid, The Indelicates have not withdrawn the money, put it in a bath and lain in it going ‘yes’. Instead, they have spent almost all of it on making themselves able to announce the following:

1. We have been back into the studio and are now able to confirm that THE THIRD INDELICATES ALBUM – DAVID KORESH SUPERSTAR will, as promised, be released before the end of the year. The record – which is a concept album about the Waco siege and which features guest vocals from Carter USM’s Jim Bob, David Devant and his Spirit Wife’s Vessel, Philip Jeays, Lily Rae as well as various members of Luxembourg, the Boyfriends and Keith TOTP and his minor UK indie celebrity allstar backing band – has finished primary tracking and is currently in a rough mix state that we insanely love. We are doing some additional recording later in the year, then mixing mastering and getting it out before christmas. We are also seeking financing to turn the project into a feature length film – and are interested in hearing any ideas, proposals that will help us make this a reality. We are very excited.

2. Songs For Swinging Lovers is NOW available on a circle of plastic that you can hold, play or present as a gift to your bemused nieces and nephews. It is available HERE in our nice new shop

3. Songs For Swinging Lovers Special Editions are still coming. They have taken longer than we hoped but hey, we already made a whole new album, played european festivals, reinvented the music industry and had very nasty colds, so fuck you…  but we are in the latter stages of working out how to do it and should be able to start printing books and special things soon. If you have bought the CD, you’ll be able to deduct the amount you’ve paid from the price of the special editions – try and keep your paypal receipt email somewhere safe (though we’ll probably just believe you – we are very trusting and naive). Demanding fuckers, sometimes we need to sleep… Sorry it’s taking so long, we don’t want to rush out anything shit.

4. Look! it is the second and third videos from our ill-advisedly promised plan to release videos for every SFSL track.

We are shooting the fourth on Monday in Camden, tweet @theindelicates to find out where, why and how you can take part. (It is a bit disgusting)

5. “We may with more successful hope resolve
To  by force or guile eternal War
Irreconcileable, to our grand Foe,
Who now triumphs, and in th’ excess of joy
Sole reigning holds the Tyranny of Heav’n.”



The joint project of Simon and Julia Indelicate, The Indelicates formed in Brighton in 2005 – with Simon’s lead guitar and Julia’s piano backed by Ed Van Beinum’s Drums, Kate Newberry’s Bass and Al Clayton’s Rhythm Guitar. They were joined in 2009 by bassist Lawrence Owen and guitarist/backing vocalist Lily Rae and currently have a floating line-up for live shows, (with much of the new album favouring a lusher, more acoustic sound). They have played and been released all over the world, headlining the second stage at Austria’s frequency festival, supporting Art Brut in Germany, Amanda Palmer in Scotland and The Vaselines in New York; as well as touring extensively in europe and the UK. In 2009 they released a well-received poetry book and continued to give performances of Simon’s ‘Book of Job: The Musical’.

Largely so as to never have to be called a Brighton Band again, Julia and Simon moved to Lewes in 2007.

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