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To buy a digital copy, please go to our Corporate Records site here: and pay whatever you want to over a fiver. We'd really appreciate it if you could push it more towards the tenner end of the spectrum - but whatever you can spare. Unless its under a fiver. If it's under a fiver go and find it on Spotify I guess. Or on Demonoid? Is Demonoid still a thing? Napster? Whatever, it's not like we're going to do anything about it. But please pay a bit. We've got a baby to feed.

If you hate independent businesses and love The MAN, then you can totally buy it on iTunes, Amazon or any other multinational of your choice.

However you acquire it, we'd really appreciate it if you could leave a good review on one or both of the main outlets. I'm told that helps..

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Collector's Edition + Julia and Simon will come to anywhere you like (in the UK), play the album acoustically, record it, then sign a contract transferring the rights in the recording to you, creating a limited edition of one for you to do with as you wish.
+ 40p per mile distant from Lewes (as reported by google maps)
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As The Super Special Edition + we’ll come early with a computer and let you play through our VR demos with our oculus rift. -
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Anything else you can think of.

There's an idea around, pushed by a lot of bands, that the internet has hurt musicians. It has not - it has opened the field and allowed more and more of us to forge our own path without having to beg for permission from gatekeepers or submit ourselves to the whims of an old business model that thrived on lies and exploitation. The price is that it's harder - we do all this ourselves because it feels like it needs doing and because we think its better to struggle free than to serve in comfort. Getting heard and making enough money to continue are the two big challenges - whatever you can do to help with either is amazing and miraculous and better than it used to be.

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