Songs For Swinging Lovers

Released 2010, Corporate Records

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1. Europe

2. Your Money

3. We Love You, Tania

4. Ill

5. Flesh

6. Savages

7. Roses

8. Sympathy For The Devil

9. Be Afraid Of Your Parents

10. Jerusalem

11. Anthem For Doomed Youth


Songs by
Simon&Julia Indelicate

Performed by
Ed Van Beinum: Drums

Al Clayton: Rhythm Guitars/Cowbell

Bastian Eppler: Trumpet
Keith TOTP: Tambourine/Vibes
Simon Indelicate: Vox/Guitars
Julia Indelicate: Vox/Piano
The Indelicates: Bass
All other instruments played by Simon and Julia

Additional Recording by
Keith TOTP at Dean Street Studios

Cover Image by
Andrew Kendall

Specific Thanks To
Lily Rae, Laurence Owen, Desi Vach, Juliane Hapke, Eddie Argos, Keith TOTP, Neil Gaiman, Bastian Eppler, Penny and Graham Clayton, Sonja Muller, Lydia Snodin, Jo Swoboda, Sophie Wilk, Akira The Don, Amanda Palmer, Joie Mikitson, PC Hille, Redmond Castle, Paul Winkler, Johnny Others, Andy Von Pip, Andy Semi, Kimberly de Malpertuis, Liam Francis, Plants Vs. Zombies, Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, Duncan, Stuart Laws, Nick Long, Les Carter, Nicky Biscuit, Mikey Breyer + all who’ve supported, helped, kept faith and otherwise not been wankers.

Produced by
Ed East at Studio East, Berlin

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