I hate the word ‘fan’. If I was one I’d find it an insulting and diminishing label that defined me as lesser than the person I was a fan of and therefore made communication effectively impossible between us (see HERE). Still, the internet has altered the nature of fandom. It is no longer about sending a postal order to a sparkly makeupped lady in the northeast in order to receive a badge and a quarterly newssheet about our favourite colours – it is a participatory thing whereby the artefacts we produce are no longer the sum of the art but the dislocated centre of it. As authors we are dead from the moment we abandon what we author – the text assumes its own life in its various interpretations and reimaginings, the totality of the eternally uncompleted work must include the interplay of discourses that it ineluctably becomes. In other words: we do songs – you imagine us fucking Captain Kirk and write about it.

Or something.

Here is some stuff you done. Please do more of it because it makes us happy…


Indelicates Versions Project

album image

Simon and Julia play Super Special Edition Show (Glasgow)





Distinctly unsafe for work Fanfic

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