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We Hate The Kids

We Hate The Kids (2006) 01. We Hate The Kids 02. Burn All The Photographs

Warming To The Kids

I’ve been feeling for a while that I ought to write something to express our broad support for the efforts of those resisting the government over the raising of tuition fees and the extent of cuts to public services – it has been hard for a couple of reasons. Mainly, there really are few things […]

All Songs

New Art Theme The Last Significant Statement To Be Made in Rock’n’Roll Our Daughters Will Never Be Free Better To Know Sixteen Julia, We Don’t Live In The ’60s Stars New Art For The People Unity Mitford …If Jeff Buckley Had Lived America Heroin We Hate The Kids Hidden Track Europe Your Money We Love […]

American Demo

American Demo (2008) Tracklisting: 01 – New Art Theme 02 – The Last Significant Statement To Be Made in Rock’n’Roll 03 – Our Daughters Will Never Be Free 04 – Better To Know 05 – Sixteen 06 – Julia, We Don’t Live In The ’60s 07 – Stars 08 – New Art For The People […]

The Year in Review: 2015

WHAT A BUSY YEAR IT’S BEEN, Ey?   In JANUARY we got some nice mentions of our Virtual Reality Single from November 2014: ‘The Generation That Nobody Remembered‘, for Oculus Rift, which you can still experience here We did an interview about it:>here And here: And here: Or just watch on YouTube if […]

My Top Things By Myself Of The Year

I hate end of year lists – in fact I hate the whole urge to categorize and impose order on the ineluctable chaos of existence. I hate Nick Hornby Books and alphabetisation and boring MAN things that MEN do. I hate that Carly Rae Jetson song and I hate it when people like things because […]

Meanwhile Over On Corporate Records Part 2…

Yes, kids – stretching the definition of ‘tomorrow’ here is part two of this week’s round up of awesome new music from Corporate Records Zen Motel’s Cranked EP IS FUCKED BY ROCK and is here: The Thlyds Second Single Release of the week is Bored ‘I get the feeling that there’s something missing/ I’m […]

Indelicates Lifestyle Enhancement Range Expands Further

Hey the kids! You know when you heard about the special editions with their lovely lyric books that look all lovely and have lovely endnotes and lovely essays about CLEVER STUFFS and you thought: oh noes, bcux I iz living with my four grandparents in a small house and can only afford to have one […]