Inspired by reports of the activities of the 'Pylon People' or 'Children of the Hum' contained within dispatches from the lost county of Hookland - We present a short devotional album to be deployed in the ritual observance of PYLON worship. This album is to be played at maximum volume while sitting beneath a PYLON. The energies and hum of the national grid are accounted for in the audio mix of this album and your listening experience will be incomplete in their absence. If you do not listen to the album in the proper setting: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REVIEW, JUDGE OR OTHERWISE FORM AN OPINION OF IT. Doing so will expose you to accusations and unstable forces.

PYLON MUSIC is by Simon Indelicate. Vocals by Simon Indelicate, Julia Indelicate and Ryder Indelicate. All Vocals were recorded between the feet of PYLONS

PYLON MUSIC is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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