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To Celebrate The Coming Of Our Ford

In the bleak midwinter, Frosty winds may blow We’ve only a storage heater, so believe us we should know. IT IS VERY NEARLY CHRIIIISTMAS, and thus time to huddle with your loved ones against the dying of the light and reflect on its true meaning. A special time when, once, a virgin went to where […]

New Stuff Available!

Hello you. We have new T-Shirts for sale in the shop, they say: Be Afraid of Your Parents and they look like this: They will be available to buy from us on tour, and are also now up in the General Store: http://corporaterecords.co.uk/Indelicates_Store/apparel.html We have also opened a cafepress store, for these here reasons: When […]

Be Afraid Video Now Online

continuing our “video for every goshdarn song on Songs For Swinging Lovers” campaign, we’repleased to release this latest gem onto an uncaring loveless world. Conceived and directed  by Lily Rae – and featuring the creative use of both a pizza cutter and students – this borders on the NSFW and is sort of disturbing, y’know, […]