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2011: The Year in Review

I got the idea to review the year from Dave Hughes, folk singer extraordinaire, whose album you can buy here: http://corpor.at/A211 January to March 2011 was spent in preparation for the release of our epic and much anticipated concept album David Koresh Superstar, an album about the Waco siege of 1993 and our first major […]

In Summary Then…

1. DAVID KORESH SUPERSTAR, the 3rd Indelicates Album is released on MAY 16th You can read about it here: http://corporaterecords.co.uk/koresh/pressrelease3.html 2. Gigs – We’re still finalising these but Cambridge is ON, Glasgow is ON and London is ON keep checking http://gigs.indelicates.com for details as they come in. These shows will be special. 3. The Book […]

Job The Musical: ACT TWO – OUT NOW!!!

Will Job curse God to his face? Will Satan win his bet? Does God really, as Jung states in his ‘Answer To Job’ (routledge 1952, p10) “Not care a button for any moral opinon nor regard any form of ethics as binding”? Find out! for just £5 right now: http://bit.ly/fy5ErH clickity click click

Job: The Musical

David Koresh Superstar – the imminent 3rd Indelicates record largely exists because – about 7 years ago – while rehearsing our hit fringe musical based on the book of Job, Chris Hodges (the dashing leading man in the titular role) made a joke along the very rough lines of: “What are you gonna do next? […]