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Hello, Mildly Curious Americans Who Might Find This Website Looking For Stuff!

We know how it is – you met us at the end of the night and you kind of liked our stuff and you shouted over the DJ: ‘WHAT WAS THE NAME OF YOUR GROUP?’ and we shouted back something indistinct that you pretended to hear because you were being nice but that actually could […]

Songs For Swinging Lovers NOW ON CD

Ladies and Gentlemen, Songs For Swinging Lovers, The Indelicates second album, can now be purchased on CD… Go here, or look to your left for links to the shop: http://corporaterecords.co.uk/Indelicates_Store/ For those of you who have already bought it, POSTING OUT TOMORROW! Already looks like it’s going to be a hell of a post… REMEMBER, […]