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Meanwhile on Corporate Records, Summer 2012

The awesome thing about owning a record company that you have purposely refused to have any control over is that you get to feel regularly surprised and enthusiastic about the records you didn’t know you’d put out. For example, check out How To Loot Brazil’s Album, Betamarx. Apart from having an amazing title it sounds […]

Find Out how Much I Would Be Willing To Pay For A Scouting For Girls Album…

…and many more interesting things about copyright, music, Gomez, corporate Records and OTHER STUFF by reading this interview with me here: http://m3event.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/interview-the-indelicates/ Then come to the Monarch to heckle me in an informed manner: https://www.facebook.com/events/212063198909829/ Oh and if you’re voting today, enjoy that, unless you’re in London – in which case do whatever it is […]

Flopsy Bunney’s Brilliant Publishing House Of Books

Procrastination, yeah? It’s a beautiful thing. We are supposed to be finishing the writing on album four; naturally, therefore, we have started a children’s picture book publishing house. Written and illustrated by Simon, the first book we’re putting out is called Felix The Fieldmouse and is about a mouse who is scared of Bonfire Night. […]

The Midlands are Close Enough To Everywhere…

…That’s why they’re called the midlands. So I can’t seen any reason at all why everyone in england can’t make it to this tomorrow and sunday: https://www.facebook.com/NowWeAreWeekender US, Art Brut, Misty’s Big Adventure, Keith TOTP, Abdoujaparov, Icepops For Breakfast for hardly any money. Come on down/up/sideways yeah? SX

If T-Shirts be the food of love, then here is EXCESS OF IT.

We’re going to try a new thing with T-Shirts – We have far more designs than we have capital to invest in upfront T-Shirt Manufacture so we’re going to be regularly updating our new spreadshirt shop. It’s a print on demand thing -like cafepress – but I think we’ve managed to get costs down far […]

I Am Koresh – Acoustic Live In A Cambridge Living Room

This is from the Super Special Edition in Cambridge – which you can buy – along with the rest of the gig – from its rightful rightsholders here: http://corporaterecords.co.uk/artists/Darren+Skates/The+Indelicates+Super+Special+Live+Cambridge/ If you fancy buying your own limited-edition-of-one, fully-rights-transferred acoustic special edition of Songs For Swinging Lovers with similarly unique bonus tracks which you too can sell […]