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Hello Daddy, Hello Mom – We’re B-B-B-B-B-B-Back.

…but we’re very sleepy, we’ll start posting awesome DKS and special edition updates, corporate records epicness, photos, new video, pleas for pornography and more very shortly, but for now, I can’t form sentences but did just watch the runaways movie on a plane so here, watch Cherry Bomb while I sleep: Night. X

Corporate Records Update – August 2010

As company directors, Julia and I deserve your goddamned respect goddamnit: so we assume that you will take these recommendations as they are intended – as orders – and immediately go and pay money to own these hot new slices of boss tuneage that have cropped up on Corporate Records recently. Incidentally, if you’re in […]

Corporate Records Goes From Awesome To Awesome-r…

In case you didn’t know, when we released Songs For Swinging Lovers, we built a whole pay-what-you-like record company to do so and made it so that anyone else could release on it too. We’re not the only company offering this kind of service (to be needlessly honest) but we are the only ones who […]