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Preorder Diseases Of England Now – Help Us Finish It Whilst Continuing To Eat

The New Indelicates Album is called ‘Diseases Of England’ and it is in THREE parts. Part II (featuring “I Used To Sing”, “Class” and two more tracks) is finished and ready to be sent to the manufacturers. Parts I and III will be recorded in two separate sessions in the upcoming months. In order to […]

Thalidomidas Touch – Pre order now.

There will be A-Team Indelicates news immediately after this release, but in the meantime, we would like to urge you in terms bordering on the aggressive to preorder your copy of Thalidomidas Touch on CD now. Featuring production by Simon Indelicate, contributions by Julia indelicate and Various by Keith Top Of The Pops – this […]

Meanwhile on Corporate Records, Summer 2012

The awesome thing about owning a record company that you have purposely refused to have any control over is that you get to feel regularly surprised and enthusiastic about the records you didn’t know you’d put out. For example, check out How To Loot Brazil’s Album, Betamarx. Apart from having an amazing title it sounds […]

Find Out how Much I Would Be Willing To Pay For A Scouting For Girls Album…

…and many more interesting things about copyright, music, Gomez, corporate Records and OTHER STUFF by reading this interview with me here: http://m3event.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/interview-the-indelicates/ Then come to the Monarch to heckle me in an informed manner: https://www.facebook.com/events/212063198909829/ Oh and if you’re voting today, enjoy that, unless you’re in London – in which case do whatever it is […]

Double Dip Recession

Look, We’re In A Double Dip Recession. Which is bad news for everybody – luckily we released a novelty advert single a little while ago that seems entirely appropriate for listening to in order that the occasion be properly marked. (It would also be really good on one of those VT bits in the news, […]

If T-Shirts be the food of love, then here is EXCESS OF IT.

We’re going to try a new thing with T-Shirts – We have far more designs than we have capital to invest in upfront T-Shirt Manufacture so we’re going to be regularly updating our new spreadshirt shop. It’s a print on demand thing -like cafepress – but I think we’ve managed to get costs down far […]

Meanwhile Over On Corporate Records (Addendum)

It would be remiss of us not to mention this: Brostep future classic from Indianabärr http://corpor.at/T2357 And this: By Christopher Jameson because it sounds a bit like Julian Cope in a good way. http://corpor.at/A256 AND Hey, it’s the Far Queue Remixing the Fuck out of us: BUY IT fool. http://corpor.at/T2358 meanwhile Julia is doing THIS: […]

Meanwhile Over On Corporate Records Part 2…

Yes, kids – stretching the definition of ‘tomorrow’ here is part two of this week’s round up of awesome new music from Corporate Records Zen Motel’s Cranked EP IS FUCKED BY ROCK and is here: http://corpor.at/A261 The Thlyds Second Single Release of the week is Bored ‘I get the feeling that there’s something missing/ I’m […]

Meanwhile, Over On Corporate Records…

Looking for new music while you wait, trembling in juicy eagerness for the NEW INDELICATES ALBUM which has a song called ‘Everything is Just Disgusting’ on it? Well pop on over to Corporate Records and get your grubby hands on some of these recent gems… From Laurence Owen’s South Of The River: http://corpor.at/A254 From The […]