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Job: The Musical

David Koresh Superstar – the imminent 3rd Indelicates record largely exists because – about 7 years ago – while rehearsing our hit fringe musical based on the book of Job, Chris Hodges (the dashing leading man in the titular role) made a joke along the very rough lines of: “What are you gonna do next? […]

I Am Koresh – Acoustic Live In A Cambridge Living Room

This is from the Super Special Edition in Cambridge – which you can buy – along with the rest of the gig – from its rightful rightsholders here: http://corporaterecords.co.uk/artists/Darren+Skates/The+Indelicates+Super+Special+Live+Cambridge/ If you fancy buying your own limited-edition-of-one, fully-rights-transferred acoustic special edition of Songs For Swinging Lovers with similarly unique bonus tracks which you too can sell […]

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom – We’re B-B-B-B-B-B-Back.

…but we’re very sleepy, we’ll start posting awesome DKS and special edition updates, corporate records epicness, photos, new video, pleas for pornography and more very shortly, but for now, I can’t form sentences but did just watch the runaways movie on a plane so here, watch Cherry Bomb while I sleep: Night. X

Seriously, Write Dirty Fics About Us, We Mean It

We don’t know why we want you to, but we do. Here are some little vignettes from our Austin session to encourage you – they aren’t filthy, or – in fact – related to this plea for smut in any but the most tangential of ways, but they are good/funny… also, if you don’t write […]

Something Going Down In Waco

right now we’re in Tehuacana Texas, on our way to Austin to record some additional tracks with some incredible musicians for our modesty defyingly awesome masterwork, David Koresh Superstar. Today we went to the site of the Branch Davidian compound – not much to see, but it’s something to feel the hot Texas wind that […]

A Despatch From The Threatened Country Of Open Wi-Fi

Right then, world, sorry not to have been in touch sooner, but we moved house, went to Germany, recorded a new album and were generally busy. Also, we’re still waiting for the god of the internet to flick a switch somewhere and let us have broadband again – so we’re posting this in Starbucks …using […]

Corporate Records Goes From Awesome To Awesome-r…

In case you didn’t know, when we released Songs For Swinging Lovers, we built a whole pay-what-you-like record company to do so and made it so that anyone else could release on it too. We’re not the only company offering this kind of service (to be needlessly honest) but we are the only ones who […]

Holy Koresh News, Batman!

So, a whole bevy of announcements included in this here press release (reproduced as a google doc here) As ever we rely on crowdsourcing for our PR efforts, so anything you can do to spread the release around to the journalist/tastemaker/fashion victim in your life will be rewarded with infinite love… As if that wasn’t […]