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These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


In the course of making This Radio Life, I've found it necessary to make stupid bits of fake music to play in the background - sometimes I was able to use the uplifting, whimsical sounds of the royalty free music in the Google/Youtube library, but more often than not, if I needed to convey an emotion other than an inoffensive attachment to the muted joy of everyday living, I had to just make background music myself. I don't imagine that these tracks on their own are ever something I could make money from so I'm hosting them here for you to download and placing them all under a Creative Commons license so that you can use them yourself to make whatever it is you need a minute of nu-country about going to a bar for.

They are under a CC-Attribution licence, as detailed here. I strongly doubt I'll ever care enough to complain if you don't attribute them, but a credit and a link back to is very much appreciated. A shout out somewhere in your work is even better, if it fits in naturally. Do what thou will.

Download all tracks in a Zip file Here

Download contains:

I Hate Girls

A Sort of shit metal song that a Skeptical Youtuber might have as his theme music

Words Words Words

Like, the kind of sub-David Byrne Upper East Side musical project made by the workshy nephew of a radio host in his 50s who won't shut up about it

Little Jane

Daft psychedelia from an imaginary never-were britihs band from the 60s that would work as the theme to a character driven documentary series about sad people

Little Jane Reprise

The same only without vocals and with epic duelling solos.

Let's Go To The Bar

A New Country song about going to a bar by one of Trace Adkins's made up cousins

Economics Jazz

Nonspecific jazz-ish wank that makes you think about economics but in a fun way

Very Bad Murder

Gritty dustbowl nonsense for murder fans

Emergency Science

Bad electro for scientific controversies

Interesting Science

Plinky Plonky synth to listen to while contemplating particles

Super Awesome Hero Music

Arpeggiated strings for dreary gritty reboots

Tractor Come

More dustbowl Americana only about tractors

Lap Steel Man Mood

some distorted lapsteel guitar for when MEN are thinkin' 'bout MAN stuff.

Ambient Dreamsong

Synth pads and pianos for lying about in a puddle thinking about your breathing.

Internet Slowbeats

Incidental slowbeats for bridging podcasts gaps

Wistful Acoustic

Music for reflecting portentously

Creative Commons Licence
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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