A Virtual Reality Pop Single By


Designed For Oculus Rift

2D Monitor Version (PC)

Latest Version

This is a monitor based version of the 3D VR single for people who don't own an Oculus Rift. The experience is designed for VR - so is not ideal for this format - but we think it works pretty well, and gives a sense of what the full version is like.

2D Monitor Version (LINUX)

Latest Linux Version

OK - so the Linux build has a bit of an issue. There's a bug in unity that affects the way the mouse reacts when the cursor is locked to the centre of the screen. To work around this, you can press the [Tab] key to unlock the cursor. This might be a bit distracting, but will allow you to look around. Alternatively, the whole thing apparently works as intended if you open it on a virtual Machine - so maybe try that. Thanks to Bastian Eppler for testing that out for me.


Use your mouse to look around

WASD or Arrow keys to walk/wheel yourself

The CTRL key is used to interact with certain objects

In Side A, you can zoom in on things with either the Z key or the Left Mouse Button.

To Quit the experience early, you can use Escape at any time.

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for more info on the Oculus Rift and VR check out or the subreddit at r/oculus