A Virtual Reality Pop Single By


Designed For Oculus Rift

A blend of environmental storytelling, music and small-scale exploration, this is the new single from the UK's The Indelicates - a proof of concept for the future of VR as a format for popular music.

This is not a 360 degree pop video. This is a VR pop single. The idea is to release downloadable music files bundled with VR environments within which the music is designed to be listened to - recapturing some of the magic of the HMV listening booth or the bedroom record player and bringing music back out from the background - while adding emotional weight with short narrative experiences that mesh with and enhance the songs. Something like that anyway - like everyone, I'm still trying to figure this stuff out. Made with Unity Free and the 0.4.31 integration.

Download The Single for Oculus Rift. (PC)

To work, this requires an Oculus Rift Headset - If you don't have one you can try to run it on your computer and cross your eyes while staring at it - but I don't know what will happen if you do...

This should do OK if you can run other popular DK2 demos - minimum specs probably somewhere around a dual core CPU and a GPU with a 50 on the end. I can get solid 75FPS most of the time while an i3 550 badly bottlenecks a GTX770 - so I'd imagine you can get away with less on the graphics side.
Direct Mode works best for me - and I get less judder using DX9 - though forcing DX11 gives much better anti-aliasing so. if you prefer, a force d3d11 shortcut is included in the zip.
Control scheme is covered in game - but basically you use your arrow keys/WASD or a 360 controller to rotate your body and move forward and back. CTRL/(X) to interact with things, Right Shift/(B) to toggle instructions, Z key/(A) to zoom your view, ESC to quit and the R key to reset positional tracking. Other key bindings remain at the SDK default - so space to check FPS etc.

Download An Approximation of The VR Single in 2D (PC or LINUX(ish))

If you don't have access to an Oculus Rift Headset - don't despair, this free download will give you an idea of what you're missing. It works just like any other First Person exploration game (think Gone Home or Halo without guns) and will probably run on any modern-ish computer without too much effort. If you have a standard game controller you can use that to walk around - if not, you need to use the standard First Person control scheme which means: you use you mouse to look around and your arrow or WASD keys to walk. You use the CTRL key to interact with things and your Z key to soom in on them.

Mac version just as soon as I can manage to make one work without owning a mac. (stoopid macs)

Buy The Single From Corporate Records (Music Only)

If this all just sounds like a load of complicated rubbish - you can buy a high quality mp3 download of the single for a minimum of 99p. If you value it, the VR stuff or our ability to keep doing stuff more highly than that please pay more - we could really do with it.