A Virtual Reality Pop Single By


Designed For Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift DK2 Version (PC)

Download The Latest version from Oculus Share [recommended]

Latest Version compiled with SDK 0.4.3/Unity Integration

PC only for the moment - I don't have a mac to test with. Directtorift exe works great for me - but as ever, try running the main exe in extended mode if you don't have any luck. force d3d11 shortcut included.

It seems like users of google chrome downloading from here are getting a warning that this is 'not commonly downloaded and may harm your computer' - I promise it won't, and it's just a question of clicking the little arrow to the right of the warning and choosing 'keep', but if this concerns you - use the Oculus Share link.


Each of the 3 scenes in the single have slightly different control schemes, because of the different situations they place you into. You can use your mouse and keyboard or an Xbox 360 controller.

R key/f12/(Y Button) to reset view
ESC to quit the application
Space to view Oculus menu w/ framerate etc.

In the overworld:
Mouse/Right Stick to turn
Arrow keys/WASD/Left Stick to move
Q and E/D-Pad for comfort turning

In Side A:
Mouse/A and D/Left and Right Arrows/Right stick to turn
W and S/Up and Down Arrow keys/Left Stick to move
Q and E/D-PAd for comfort turning
Z Key/Left Mouse Button/(A) Button to zoom in
CTRL/(X) Button to interact with things
Right Shift/Right Mouse Button/(B) button to toggle instruction sheet

In Side B:
No Input Required - Ctrl/X to return to overworld

Other Notes

There are no jump scares - some people seem to get a bit wary during the more sinister bits of side B - but nothing will jump out at you, I promise.

VR sickness - this seems to affect people very differently - I haven't managed to make anybody sick by demoing this yet - but from what I read online, I am very likely to. My tips if you are prone to this include:

1. Use the Comfort Mode turning option (DPad/Q and E). I have made the smooth turning 'acceleration free' which certainly helped during testing - the ramped turning was the one thing that got me - but the comfort turning works well and doesn't impact the experience too negatively.
2. If all locomotion is a big deal for you then (in Side A) look down at your body while moving. Anchoring your gaze to an unmoving reference point seems to help.
3. Don't move while zooming in.

Hopefully that will help with comfort a bit.

Notice the Countdown.