Let's be honest, these Bios are fucking stupid - we lie to you, you repeat the lie, the lie becomes a simulacrum - unsatisfying to all and alienating to the spirit. No one benefits. Our wikipedia entry has all the important details anyway - many of them true.

But, just in case you really need one, here is a bio that ChatGPT generated in 4 seconds by reading wikipedia for you. Most of the details are inaccurate.

Here is a concise press bio for the band The Indelicates based on the Wikipedia entry:

The Indelicates are an English indie rock band formed in 2005 by siblings Julia and Simon Indelicate. Over the course of six studio albums, they have developed a devoted cult following for their wry, literary-influenced songwriting and eclectic sound that blends elements of indie, baroque pop, and art rock.

The band is set to release their seventh album, "Avenue Qanon," in 2024. The new record sees The Indelicates exploring darker, more politically-charged territory, tackling themes of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and the erosion of truth in the digital age. With their trademark lyrical wit and melodic hooks, the band continues to craft intelligent, thought-provoking rock music that stands out in the modern musical landscape.

The Indelicates have garnered acclaim from critics for albums like 2010's "American Demo" and 2015's "David Koresh Superstar." Their dynamic live shows and engaging stage presence have also earned them a reputation as a must-see act on the indie circuit. As they prepare to unveil their latest creative statement, The Indelicates remain one of the UK's most distinctive and compelling rock bands.

This isn't even a real photograph. Fuck You.